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Illumination controller 4 channels of 600 Watts AC 80-240V (lighting control)

Dynamic illumination 4 channels of 600 watts each.24 animation programsAC voltage 80-240V4 speed and animation modesDebug mode (all lights are on)Off mode (all lights are off)The lighting controller i..

$63.00 Ex Tax: $63.00

miniPLC RestAPI controller

4 load control channels (AC 220V)4 switchers for chennel control  (on/off/switch/PWM)  edditional 4 ports for connecting simple toggle switches or a 433MHz radio receiver to control mod..

$72.00 Ex Tax: $72.00

PLC407 RestAPI

8 channels for controlling any load via solid-state relays16 analog and / or digital sensors, as well as simple switches for controlling channels (on/off/switching/PWM)additional 4 ports for connectin..

$122.00 Ex Tax: $122.00


Wi-Fi/Bluetooth,2 USB ports, разъем SD card, Драйвер дисплея EDP30P, GPIO порты for Raspberry, CP2102 UART, 5V powerКомпактная платформа, позволяющая подключать экраны и сенсорные панели, управлять ус..

$95.00 Ex Tax: $95.00

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